List of Services

Let us Design is an interior design firm that aims to provide a comprehensive range of designs to make your dream come true. We have always been bringing innovative solutions in the designs to make it more effective and cost effective. We believe interior design is an art; an art which focuses on the comfort, need, proper utilizations of the spaces available; and well being of a client. The aesthetics of our design gives you a sense of comfort which enhances your well being.


We provide consultation services, giving you different ideas for using your space. As a consultant, we help you make the right choices. We help choose the decorative items, color combinations for the exterior and interior and help you select the materials for use in the space.

Planning of space

An ideal space is such where everything accommodates and gives you the desired comfort. Planning of space is the initial phase of interior designing. To execute this, we take the measurements of the provided space and plan the area accordingly. Some important aspects are considered, like the electric wiring, plumbing pipeline, size of the furniture.

Auto CAD design

Auto CAD is the blueprint of the area which illustrates the idea clearly and concisely. Computer-Aided Designs gives a client a proper drawing of the site and shows the placements of items concerning their sizes.

3D design

3D Designs give an authentic look to the designs. The renders give you an idea of how exactly the area will look after the finishing. 3D Design shows the exact furniture, colors of the walls and furniture, the false ceiling, and everything included in the design. It is a beautiful way to visualize the design of the area.


Landscaping involves designing, creating, and planning living plants/ gardens in an indoor and outdoor environment.

Furnishing and finishing

Furnishing is the final implementation phase of the project. Let Us Design have the team complete projects. We handle the finalization of projects, including making furniture, false ceiling, fixtures like lightning, curtains, and toilet accessories.

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